~ Illustrations

“Materia Estelar”

DVD menu of my shortcut “Walk Together”

Second try with speed paint.

A fanart of “The legend of Zelda: Wind Waker”

(c) Nintendo

Another fanart from the movie "How to train your dragon"

"There's a big world out there, right?
so what would you do if you have the chance to travel around the earth... no... Around the space?!
Would you seek your beloved one? or seek hapiness? proud? honor?
What I am looking for is an answer... that not only will help me... instead... everyone..."
-- Juan

This was an old homework for my audio class and my first inspiration for a new project.

John and Cookie are my characters from my original story "Beyond the stars" that I hope to publish someday soon.

A fanart of "The legend of Korra"

One of my motivational drawings :D

Something for a videogame

Won 1st place on Adventure Time club (http://adventuretimefanclub.deviantart.com/) Contest!

A fanart from the serie "Adventure time" for last christmas made with paper.

This is Prince Zuko from The legend of Aang: The last airbender

Old homework and my first speed painting try.


Collection of works from various projects, fandom, personal exploration and improvement.


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